It is a corrosion resistant metal which can be easily processed with a mixture of copper and zinc and can be used for decorative purposes. Brass Product is also called "Yellow Product" in our country because of its yellow color. Compared to steel and aluminum alloys, brass can not be hardened by heat treatment. Brass also contains other alloying elements besides the content of Copper and Zinc.

Specific Weight: 8,45 g/cm³

Brass Product Types;

MS58: Rod, Bus-Bar, Hexagonal, Square Bar and Fine Wire Coils
MS63: Tube (Pipe) and Profile
MS70: Sheet and Strip


MS58: Cu58Zn42, Cu58Zn39Pb3, Cu58Zn40Pb2
MS63: Cu63Zn37
MS70: Cu70Zn30

Usage areas;

Shower Door, Door Handles, Decorative Shelf, Automotive Parts thermostat, lock bodies, Valves, Plumbing Supplies

The brass rods are produced in accordance with TS EN 12164 quality standards and are available in our range of Hexagonal and Square-Bars. We have calibrated and pressed products.

Brass Pipes comply with TS EN 12449 quality standards and are mainly used for decorative area.

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